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Vases can be used to match the granite on the monument, or offer a nice contrast. All vases have a weep hole to allow for drainage. Aluminum vase liners can be used to keep the inside of the vase clean, and are easily removed when needed. Prices of vases are in addition to the monument prices.

Flat Memorials. Home. Introduction. ... Traditional Headstones. Commemorative Grave Stones. Granite Colors. Our Memorial Guarantee. Memorials we have made. Features ...
Flat Memorials, otherwise known as Flat Grave Markers are some of the most common headstones used through out area cemeteries. Just about every L.A. area and Santa Barbara area cemetery has full sections devoted to just flat markers that are customized to rest flush with the ground.
Bronze Markers A bronze marker, 24 x 12 can be made for a spouse to match the veteran’s marker. An optional vase that can invert during inclement weather can be added and mounted on an everlasting granite base.
Flat – Lawn Level Markers are the smallest of all memorials and are available in either single or companion sizes. These memorials traditionally sit flush with the grass line; however, some cemeteries will allow you to place them above ground on a concrete foundation.
SELECTING A MEMORIAL. 10 KEY STEPS in the process of selecting a memorial. READ MORE. Quincy, MA (MAIN OFFICE) 18 Willard St. Quincy, MA 02169
300 x 400 Flat Memorial - High quality 20mm thick Welsh slate memorial.
A cemetery usually has a range of sizes they allow for the headstone. Make sure the size you purchase is within their range. Is a flower vase allowed? Some types of cemetery headstones are available with a flower vase in bronze marker or granite marker. Make sure your cemetery allows a vase before selecting this option.
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3 miles west of airport turnoff 9323 St. Hwy. 266 Springfield, MO 65802 Phone (417) 732-6263. More Locations
Memorials and Headstones. We offer a wide selection of monuments including memorials, headstones, granite benches, memorial boulders and bronze plaques. All are available for placement at any location.
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  • Flat Grave Headstones. From the name itself, they are completely flat and attached to the ground. Most of the time, they are made of granite. These are also known as grass markers, and they happen to be the cheapest type, with a price range of around $130 to $600.
  • Triple Upright Headstones - McKinney-Brown Funeral Home & Monuments offers a variety of funeral services, from traditional funerals to competitively priced cremations, serving Liberty, KY and the surrounding communities. We also offer funeral pre-planning and carry a wide selection of caskets, vaults, urns and burial containers.
  • Jan 04, 2020 · Midwest Everlasting Memorials offers a beautiful selection of Grave Markers and Memorials. We have a wide selection of inventory in-stock including: Upright Monuments, Flat Markers, Slant Monuments and Custom Headstones to choose from. With our sensitive and caring staff, we make it easier to assist your family through this difficult time.
  • 3 miles west of airport turnoff 9323 St. Hwy. 266 Springfield, MO 65802 Phone (417) 732-6263. More Locations
  • Flat Grave Markers and Grass Level Memorials The single most used memorial size and shape can actually pack a whole mural or scene into its engraving. When it is time to bury your loved one, just about every cemetery will allow a 24″x12″ grave marker, otherwise known as a 2×1 flat grass marker.

Bevel and Flat Markers. ... Cremation Memorials. German-crafted Memorials. Monuments of Different Shapes. With Bronze Lettering. ... Vases and Solar Lights. US ...

Bloom and Grow Personalized Curved Bud Vase. was $28.99 SALE $19.99. 196 reviews. Teacher Gifts ... Custom pet memorials can help the heart heal after the loss of a ... I must say I was hesitant to order the in-ground vases online. I carefully read the specs, ratings and return policy which were very clear. The ordering process was simple, I received status emails and my order was received more quickly than expected living in Hawaii.
Bronze vases are generally paired with bronze monuments and grave markers. We also have in-ground vase units for flat grave markers and for meeting certain cemetery maintenance regulations. Please call (317) 750-0682 or contact us to learn more about our vases and find out how our commitment to quality and craftsmanship make Loos vases stand out. Bench Monuments; Sculpture and Statuary; Individual One Person; Companion Two Person; Family and Estate Monuments; Flat Granite Marker; Raised Slant and Bevel Markers

Headstones can be customized to fit any requirements, but typical sizes are listed with pricing (price chart to the left). Size and shape can be customized and for companion headstones, please contact us for more information. Refer to our Headstone Information Guideline for details of our Monument Service.

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ForeverSafe™ Offers Vase & Canister Sets and Replacement Flower Vases. Placing memorials at a gravesite is a timeless tradition. Why should thieves be rewarded for desecrating it? Let's stop this thoughtless behavior one cemetery vase at a time. Introducing ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vases by Granger Plastics. ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Flower ...